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Part puzzle-platformer, part meta-horror game and all strange and experimental. Some of it works, some it doesn’t. I’m not even entirely sure that was the end.

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loading gameDescription
If you are able to see this, you have been determined safe to view this data packet.
An entity has reached out to me and requested I help distribute its simulation.
I have experienced, analyzed and deconstructed the simulation, which I will call the “game”.

What I can say from having played this game, is that it takes a deep look into both the ugly 
and beautiful sides of human insecurity, forcing you to compare/contrast your own nature 
with that of technology. Also, there are penguins.

What you can expect:

-A room. A lab. A simple test. Nothing unusual. Nothing lurks.

-If you stay in the room too long, you may experience periodic instability. This is normal. Nothing to worry about.

-Puzzles. Illusions. Clues. Pay close attention to your environment. Use logic and strategic thinking to put the pieces of your world back together.

-Achievements. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You did things.

-Run, jump and dodge. Nothing is after you, but you should probably run, jump and dodge… just in case.

That is all I can safely say for now. Please keep this data packet hidden.

Thank you.

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