Top 5 Best Looking Indie Games to Watch – December 2018

Carrying on our series looking into the top 5 and a selection of honourable mentions for new indie games we think you might want to watch out for across mobile, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and the Xbox this December 2018. One of these, Gris has the potential to be in our indie GOTY countdown. See anything you like? Be sure to less us know down below.

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Game used in the Intro:


Honourable Mentions:

Iris Fall:…
Dorian Morris Adventure:…
Override Mech City Brawl:…
Aeon of Sands:…

Top 5 Indie Games for December 2018:

5) Hellfront Honey Moon:… /
4) Battle Princess Madelyn:… /…
3) Big Crown Showdown:… /
2) Bladed Fury:… /
1) GRIS:… /

Game featured in the Outro:


Music used in the Intro and Outro:

Di Young – Fortish [Bass Rebels Release]
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