Top 20 E3 2018 Indie Game Hidden Gems

E3 2018 is here and while a huge showcase for AAA games, the folks from the indie game scene make up a huge presence in LA each year. Here we take a look at 20 indie games previously announced before this years E3 you are able to see and play on the E3 show floor and E3 third party events.

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Games Featured in the Intro:

The Adventure Pals:…

Top 20 Indie Game Hidden Gems for E3 2018:

20) Where the Bees Make Honey:
19) Where Cards Fall:
18) The King’s Bird:…
17) My Memory of Us:…
16) Chasm:
15) Darq:
14) Knights and Bikes:
13) Bad North:
12) Anew: The Distant Light:
11) The Inner Friend:
10) Epic Tavern:…
9) Desert Child:
8) Pode:
7) Hamsterdam:
6) ITTA:
5) Dead Cells:
4) Bounty Battle:…
3) Lucha: Born of a Dream:
2) Noita:
1) Atone:

Games Featured within the Outro:

Unforeseen Incidents:…

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