The Alpha Device | Indie Horror Game Walkthrough | PC Gameplay | Let’s Play Playthrough

An experimental sci-fi narrative about a group of astronauts trying to figure out why stars are disappearing. Not bad.

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Beyond space, beyond reason… beyond humanity. Venture into the unknown depths of the universe and discover a gripping tale of a dystopian future that calls your very existence into question.

Narrated by David Hewlett, star of Stargate, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Academy Award-nominated The Shape Of Water.

The Alpha Device is a narrative experience focusing on story rather than puzzles or combat. Here, the story is all. You can discover each part of the story at your own pace, but the game is designed to be completed in one sitting – there is no save function and your progress will not be stored if you decide to stop playing.

Once you start the game, you’re totally on your own. There’s no main menu, no guidance, no tutorial. Just head towards the green light when you’re ready to proceed…

• A joypad is essential to play The Alpha Device, as the game doesn’t support mouse/keyboard input (if there’s enough demand, this can be added). The left stick controls movement, the right controls the viewpoint and the shoulder buttons control roll. Pause the game by pressing Start or the equivalent on your joypad.

• The game uses advanced rendering to paint the procedural world. Those of you with lower spec graphics cards will notice the resolution automatically adjusts itself to maintain an acceptable framerate as you move around. Initially, you may notice slight stuttering as the game works out the best resolution for the experience. However, playing in Windowed Mode won’t improve the framerate (it’s not that kind of rendering!).

• The Alpha Device is a retelling of the story from Caretaker Sacrifice. It was created to satisfy players who requested an experience that didn’t require a VR setup to enjoy.
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