Super Indie Karts! – THE BEST INDIE RACING GAME! – Let’s Play Super Indie Karts Gameplay

Let’s play Super Indie Karts, the best indie racing game I’ve played so far! Super Indie Karts Gameplay has very similar gameplay to that of Mario Kart for the SNES! Super Indie Karts is an amazingly fun game on steam and I highly recommend this as its one of the best indie racing games I’ve played thus far!

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Want to know more about Super Indie Karts? Check out the Steam Description:

Super Indie Karts is a classic retro 16-bit style karting game, with Time Trials, Grand Prix, Splitscreen GP, and Battle Modes! The game was KickStarted late in 2014 and is aimed for completion in 2018. You don’t have to wait until completion though as you can join in now with Early Access to the Super Indie Karts BETA builds! The BETA currently boasts over 30 characters and 32 tracks to play Single Player or Two Player Splitscreen in Grand Prix mode (and in Mirror Mode) and in Time Trials, and 3 local-multiplayer BattleMode arenas. More play modes, characters, and features will be added as the Early Access weeks drift on by. With one foot firmly in the past, witness authentic ’90s hardware limitations in Super Indie Karts Gameplay.

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Thanks for checking out my gameplay and let’s play of Super Indie Karts! If you enjoyed it and want more gameplay on Super Indie Karts, let me know by leaving a like!

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