Star’Shoot Review and Gameplay | Indie Game Spotlight

Hey! This is my Indie Spotlight! I’ll be talking about various indie games, trying to bring independent studio games some attention that might have been overlooked. After my short overview and review, I’ll include some of my initial game play as well.

At it’s core, star shoot is similar to retro games like Galaga or 1942. Star shoot is an arcade style top down space shoot em up. While it looks like the typical space shoot em up at first glance, it ends up being much more. Currently there’s only an arcade endless mode available but there is a campaign story mode planned that hasn’t been implemented yet.

Overall, star shoot is a fun space shoot em up with a cool take on the genre. After multiple plays, it still felt new and not repetitive. Controls in the game felt good and the pixel art style gave it a retro feel. I enjoyed this game and would recommend picking it up.

Let me know what you think! What videos would you like to see next?

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