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Hey! This is my Indie Spotlight! I’ll be talking about various indie games, trying to bring independent studio games some attention that might have been overlooked. After my short review and overview, i’ll be including some of my initial game play.

RAZED is a single player racing, platforming, parkouring, speed running game. It’s a combination of a sort of super meat boy, mirror’s edge, and speed. In RAZED, you’ll run, drift, jump and stomp your way around various obstacles to beat each level. There’s sharp turns, narrow paths and tight tuning to each level. You start each course with full power but if you slow down too much or miss power-ups, your shoes will explode. You need to keep up the speed or you die.

Overall, RAZED is a race against time, an addictive fast paced free running game with plenty of replay value. The game is challenging, but not too hard, I had a lot of fun playing this one. So strap on your exploding inspector gadget shoes and give this game a try.

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