PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME | DERE.EXE Gameplay [Indie Meta Horror Game]

DERE.EXE is a simple indie horror game…or is it? Discover the hidden and terrifying storyline!
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On second thought, please don’t download this game. This game is nothing. This app is nothing. Just a blank screen. Just a normal lost phone game. There is no game you’d want here. This app is useless. Just a found phone game in a corrupted ROM. She made us release this. She wants to tell her story. It’s the yandere’s fault. Dere .exe is nothing more than just a ported .exe game, a replica. Please don’t touch anything that has to do with this app. Move along now. We’ve got other games you might like. We’ve got pixel art games, rage games, trap adventure platformer games, survival horror games, visual novels, creepypasta games, and games with old school retro nes feels like this one. Okay? So please… DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. DON’T PLAY THIS GAME!!!

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