Northbury Grove Kings Comfort | Indie Horror Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

Inspired by cult classic 80’s slasher movies, this time we play as Trevor, who needs to call for help before it’s too late.

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Just 3 miles up Route 20 from the postponed Rock the Warehouse festival stands King’s Comfort. This retro resort motel features a beautiful view of the Zakeenian mountains, an indoor pool-house with sauna rooms, a cozy local bar called “The Bard’s Tavern,” and 12 rooms. This motel might not have the fanciest rooms, but the solitude is…to die for.

Trevor is waking up from a crazy few days of partying. He collects his bearings despite a pounding headache and uneasy gut. Where did all his friends go? Did they all head to the festival to start setting up? And why hasn’t he heard from his sister Crystal, or their friend Connor? They’re supposed to be meeting Grace at the festival grounds…

Trevor needs to get in touch with his sister. So off he goes into the night. But where is everyone? King’s Comfort is eerily empty…

Random level detail generation – No level plays the same, different lighting, arrangements, even TV channels.
Improved AI – The Slasher has a new array of creepy behaviors, and he stalks efficiently.
New Mechanics – Peek through doors, Sneak by threats, break stuff, kill things?
Brand-New Soundtrack – A brand new cinematic composition reprised by Jon of the Shred
Alternate Endings – Can you find them all?
Improved Engine – Game runs smoother and faster.
Secret Area & Secret Mode – We had some time.

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