Most Wanted No More Heroes 3 Featured INDIE Games

Since No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again was announced last year, Sadu51 asked gamers, which indie games they would like to see in collaboration with Grasshopper studios for the third sequel.
Where as Suda would feature those games as an official T-shirt as well as have certain worlds to be inspired by those genres.

Since Desperate struggle, I’ve wanted to see more exposure for this underrated franchise, just like the indie titles in this list that rises from being underdogs – Maybe after Travis touchdown strikes back releases; it will gain some relevancy in our current much needed gaming climate.

After giving it some thought and being a no more heroes fans since the first games release on the Wii –
Here is my most wanted indie games for no more heroes 3.

Also, didn’t know this but Shovel Knight will be featured in some way, how bout that.

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