Let’s play THE ADVENTURE PALS! | Live Indie Game Stream

Giraffes, hotdogs and general silliness in this let’s play The Adventure Pals gameplay stream!
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Picking up from our first impressions video, we check out more The Adventure Pals gameplay in this live stream!

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Official The Adventure Pals gameplay info:

“Your birthday is ruined when your dad is dad-napped by a madman! Now you, your pet rock, and Sparkles the giraffe will have to fight your way through levels filled with platforming, bizarre enemies, and big bosses in the name of friendship and hotdogs to save the world!”

Developed by: Massive Monster
The Adventure Pals release date: 3 April 2018
Formats available: PC Windows, Mac OSX, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4

Official site: http://www.theadventurepals.com/


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