Let’s Play ICEY Part 1 – Wrong Way: The Game

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Game Description:

ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling action game. As you follow the narrator’s omnipresent voice, you will see through ICEY’s eyes and learn the truth about her world.

“Alright, you caught me! This ISN’T really just a simple 2D action game, and you WON’T be seeing through ICEY’s eyes… NOR will you learn the truth about her world.” says the narrator.

“ICEY is a Meta game in disguise. The narrator will constantly urge you in one direction, but you must ask, “Why? Why am I following his directions? Why can’t I learn the truth about this world and ICEY’s purpose here?” Fight against his tyranny, and uncover what’s really going on for yourself!

In fact, you can become ICEY, and let loose the shackles of your own identity. You are ICEY, and ICEY is you… if you want it that way. Feel free to keep hold of your own self, if you wish.

Now Is the Time For You to Discover the Truth.

You See? ICEY, I See!

Fast-paced Combat:
Crush enemies in the palm of your hand.
Attack! Dodge! Counterattack! Do not hesitate.
This is the only way to survive!

Incredible Combos:
With simple controls, amazing combos are easy to unleash, even for beginners.
Every skill is special in its own way. Master your favorites and create your own fighting style!

Massive Cyborg Bosses:
Can you withstand the onslaught of attacks from terrifying cyborg bosses?
Every boss unleashes flurries of different attacks. It’s up to you to find their weak spots and tear them apart!

-Nominated, The Game Awards 2017 Best Chinese Game

-Nominated, Tokyo Game Show 2016 DENGEKI PlayStation Best Indie Game

-Official Selection, 2016 Gamescom Indie Arena Booth

-Most Promising Game 2nd Prize, Taipei Game Show 2016

-Official Selection, Casual Connect Asia 2016

-Official Selection, IGF China 2015

-Best Technology Award, Indieplay 2015

“ICEY is a fantastic combination of a great slasher and intriguing story, with original narration. it’s a great game, unique and engaging.”
9/10 – Eurogamer Poland

“Put The Stanley Parable and Dust: An Elysian Tale in a blender. You get this game that’s full of surprises, meta-narrative, game within a game yet is still an extremely satisfying brawler.”
Cynical Brit Gaming

“Brilliant art design, lovely script, and great production values make ICEY one of the best indie titles I have ever reviewed.”
8.3/10 – GameStar

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