Journey To Steam: VR Throwing Knives And Archery – Episode 2 [Indie Game Devlog]

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Journey To Steam series. This is the second episode.

In this series we’ll be going through the development of my Virtual Reality Stealth Action game. It’s just like my indie dev logs or behind the scenes videos. However my goal is to work towards releasing on Steam.

In this video we go over the new Ai systems which I created. The demo level for the Ai systems, Stealth Gameplay and Throwing Knives. The Bow and Arrow mechanics + the level with flying Drones to defeat.

I was sick last week that’s why a video wasn’t uploaded but I’m all good now!

I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me, I look forward to reading your comments and answering any questions.

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Here are a few resources I used to create the Ai and Bow mechanics:

Ai –…

UE4 VR Bow And Arrow Video –…

UE4 VR Open Source Bow And Arrow Project –…

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