Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No


About This Game

SAT-BOX’s 2nd VR racing game presented 「VR STOCK CAR RACERS」
Let’s ride a stock car and run a circuit that can run only on VR.
For example, sea, mountain, night city……
Sound speed machine of nitro + supercharger!
High speed time which can only be used for 3 seconds! If you mistake the handle operation, it is uncontrollable in a moment!
Let’s overtake opponent with your driving technique!

People who are satisfied with the race game up to now should not play.
If you experience this race, you may not be satisfied with the usual racing game.


  • Three types of stock cars with different performance. You can also select RHD or LHD!
  • A nitro + supercharger that can be used for 3 seconds can reach maximum speed of 500km/h!
  • Spectacular races with 15 CPU racers!
  • Intuition operations make anyone a racer!
  • This game has a ranking function.Engrave records!

≪4 Different Courses with Unique Features!≫

  • Infield Course:With a full-scale circuit, you can compete with pure technic!
  • Seaside Course:You can enjoy a race full of openness while watching the sea, under the huge bridge!
  • Mountain Course:Climb up a rocky mountain that goes forever, penetrate through the waterfall! A superb view!
  • Night City Course:The most difficult course because there are many perpendicular curves.Manipulate the stock car freely and run through the streets of night!
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