VR Formula

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

VR Formula info

About This Game

Ultra-fast VRFormula is officially here!
Feel the 300km/h sensation in VR!
Easy operations and simple rules make anyone a F1 racer!


  • Outstanding operability! Maneuver your racing car as you like.
  • Simplified F1 rules. Anyone can easily enjoy the fun of racing in VR.
  • Spectacular races with 11 CPU racers!
  • Choose from 4 unique courses and 3 different cars.
  • World leaderboard to showcase your unrivalled speed!

«4 Different Courses with Unique Features!»

  • Oval Course: Break the limits and achieve the highest speed on oval course!
  • Basic Course: Simple straight lanes and smooth curves leave little barrier to furious racing!
  • Snake Course: Manoeuvre through crazy curves to see the waving flag first!
  • Technical Course: The most difficult course of all! Only the one with the best techniques can win!
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