Trojan Inc.

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Trojan Inc. info

About This Game

Will you be able to infect all devices of the world? «Trojan Inc.» – simulator, which will involve you in a world of computer viruses and trojans.

Your role is being a hacker in a game. You will get an opportunity to create a trojan,which will be spreading around the world. Develop your trojan, in order to steal much more money and to damage as many devices as you can! Don’t forget about the anonymity,in order not be found.

There are above 60+ countries with their features. Remember that every country is unique and has got its own features of spreading. For example, in Korea, the level of experienced users is about 60-65% and trojan will spread less slowly and will be found more quickly.

You will have a lot of fuctions, which you need to develop:
– 30 kinds of transmission
– 27 kinds of damage
– 28 resistances

There are various maps, a pleasant graphics, beautiful animations, detailed statistics and many other interesting things in a game «Trojan Inc.»!

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