Topdown Showdown

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Topdown Showdown is the first of its kind- a highly polished smash inspired fighting game with a top down perspective. Dodge, combo, and knock your opponents out of the arena, from any angle! The game’s extremely easy to pick up and play: your dodge roll functions as a jump button that helps you get back on stage, and each character has a complete, compact, but unique kit of moves and abilities to use to send your opponents flying.

  • Choose from a roster of 16 characters in local or online versus play.
  • Fast, aggressive game-play style designed to promote diverse and skillful combos hidden beneath a simple control scheme
  • The single player story mode features 30 chapters in which you battle versus a wide variety of unique challenges. Each chapter also has an optional red coin to collect and will record your best time, meaning you can compete with your friends for the faster story mode completion!
  • Fight in bonus modes that mix up the core gameplay such as one hit KO, Souls(adds a stamina bar), Falls(adds sidescroller style gravity), Space(all offstage!), Race(get 3 laps to get a super!) and more!
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