Thunder Chase

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Thunder Chase info

About This Game

Thunder Chase pits you against never ending missiles and lasers. Protected by a time slowing Armor and armed with various Boosts, survive as long as you can.


  • Speed Boost

    Gain boost to your speed to navigate through difficult situations and avoid being swarmed by enemies!
  • Armor

    After being hit, your Armor allows you to endure a few more hits without taking damage and also slows time for a while.
  • Flare

    Drop off a flare, which attracts all active missiles to itself for a while and destroys unlucky ones close to it.
  • EMP

    Fire a massive blast, which destroys every enemy. They are few in number so save some for impossible situations.


  • Compete with your friends and globally in weekly competitions! Leaderboards will be reset at the end of each week. So if you fail once, don’t give up! Each week is a new opportunity.
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