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Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Tankrovia info

About This Game

Tankrovia is a Top Down Twin Stick Battle Arena with, you guessed it: Tanks! Play as one of the somewhat unique pilots with unique abilities. Explode your opponents in 2-4 players Free-for-All or Teams matches!
The game is a cool mix of moba and classic tank games.
Straight-forward, chaotic, and explosive; though designed to take advantage of strategy and careful positioning.

Read this short guide to learn the fundamentals of Tankrovia: Community Guide

Current version is v02:

The game currently has 5 characters, 6 weapons and 4 arenas.
The game has only one game mode: PvP Battle Arena! 2-4 players free-for-all or team-games.

Next Versions:

  • v03 will bring a new character, a new weapon, 2 more arenas. And a new single player game mode: Challenges! The game will have Mouse+Keyboard support for all game modes. Expect it by the end of March 2018. We deliver a new version around every 6 weeks.
  • v04 will bring a new character, a new weapon, 2 more arenas, and a refurbished selection menu.
  • v05 will bring a new character, 4 new maps, and we’ll make new HUD/UI elements, as the current ones are awful.
  • By v05 the game will have 8 characters, 8 weapons, 12 arenas, and a bunch of single player missions.

Beyond that:

Our main focus after the above is done, will be the 1-4 players Coop Campaign, and the PvP online multiplayer mode.

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