ShadowCalls 暗影召唤

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

ShadowCalls 暗影召唤 info

About This Game

Shadow calls is a Random Dungeon game. Players from different styles of weapons, your left hand and skills slot, armed with their own fighting style.
– a variety of equipment can be combined with a more aggressive style of fighting.
– the plot is based on the plot of the dark fantasy genre, and if you like the RPG plot, you’ll experience a carefully crafted dark story.
Challenge mode will come soon, gameplay is very different from the ordinary plot mode, players will arrive at random distances through random rooms,
The next room has better handling equipment or dangerous traps, or more cunning monsters may also cover and contain everything all unknown.

– the game is still in the early stages of development, and I believe the many updates will lead to a new experience.
– as a personal development

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