Rosebaker’s Icy Treats

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Rosebaker’s Icy Treats info

About This Game

Rosebaker’s Icy Treats is a virtual reality game that sends you into space to sell icecream! You’re in charge of Rosebaker’s mobile icecream parlor, selling their famous icy treats to travelers in transit from around the galaxy!


  • Endless mode
  • 50+ unlockable ingredients
  • 20+ unlockable recipes
  • Randomized orders
  • Randomized customer appearance
  • Customer satisfaction system
  • Variable ingredient placement
  • Unlockable background locations
  • Highscore
  • Spaaaaace!

Choose from over 20 icecream flavors and a wide range of toppings and decoration! Make sure you’ve got everything at hand to prepare one of many different recipes or individual combinations of ingredients.

Customers come first at Rosebaker and it’s your job to make them leave with a smile! Take their orders and combine the right ingredients to deliver one of many different icy creations! Customer satisfaction is key to level up and unlock new recipes and ingredients!

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