Raining blocks

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Raining blocks info

About This Game

The perfect game when you have little spare time or when you just want to play one fast game before leaving to do something else!

Raining blocks it’s a game where you need to avoid the blocks that fall, which you push and pull to escape or survive longer. It has a split screen so you can play against a friend, connecting blocks of the same colour to make his life harder!

Raining blocks has achievements and leader boards. It has three game modes (classic, extended and split screen) with three difficulty modes (easy, normal and hard) and
also, with six characters to play, four gadgets to use and three bonuses to apply.

With music and art from the community (CC and Public domain), remember to take a look on the about section to know who helped (thanks again everyone)!

Have fun!

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