Radar Defense

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Play Radar Defense – An innovative Artillery Game and Tower Defense with a unique Radar mechanic!
Handle your weapons and Stand against waves of countless enemies!
With the help of your radar, identify and localize the enemy units, and destroy them before they reach your bases.


Observe, Predict, and Destroy!
Use the radar to detect your enemies’ positions. Predict their movement. Destroy them.

Upgrade your weapons
Collect cards and upgrade your weapons.

6 weapons, 8 stats each
Fight with 6 specialized weapons.

72 maps
Fight in different battlefields, with a great variety of topographies, roads and spawn points

6 difficulty levels
You will start the first campaign as a Private soldier, but if you survive, you will end up as the Commander of the defense forces.

20+ different enemy units
20 different units either air type or ground type. Choose the most appropriate weapon before to shoot.

5 different support consumables
Even the best among us sometimes need help… Activate your Support consumables to help you survive through the waves of enemies.

Loots and Buffs
Convoys and Cargos also appear during the matches! Don’t miss them since they might drop loots and resources.

2 game modes

Campaign: Upgrade your weapons to progress through the campaigns.

Last Stand: How many waves will you be able to stand against?

About Adage Games:

One developer indie studio, dedicated to create fun games with unique gameplays allowing players to use and develop abilities such as reflexes, mental calculation, strategy, memory, rapidity…

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