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Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Three simple and intuitive kinds of puzzles are ready to test your abilities of problem-solving. With a soft difficulty curve, going from relaxing puzzles to very complicated ones, countless hours of fun awaits you.

Separated into three main skills: space perception, logic, and strategy. All puzzles have one fundamental approach: they heavily rely on the particularities of the three-dimensional space.

With colorful graphics and a very pleasing interface, you can focus completely on the puzzle without distractions. And have a relaxing time or defy your brain on the very demanding advanced levels.

This game delivers more than 600 puzzles, enough to provides hundreds of hours of challenges, but this is not everything! Some puzzles can be completed with perfect scores, vastly increasing the replay value.

Get a look at the different modes you can enjoy:

Mode X (Pieces): This mode will test your three-dimensional perception. You need to arrange all pieces together over a completely deformed board. Seems simple, but the difficulty, while softly increases, can reach extreme complexity.

Mode Y (Clues): Using only logic, you must paint the board’s tiles in the right color based on little hints across the puzzle. Can you fill everything without mistakes?

Mode Z (Slide): Slide the objects in all directions until only one piece of each color remains on the board. Anticipating the movements from the pieces at each turn is the key to solve these puzzles.

  • More than 600 puzzles.
  • Three very different puzzle modes.
  • Clean interface. You just play the game without annoyances.
  • Colorblind mode.

With plenty of easy and hard levels, everyone can enjoy this game. Going from the casuals who only want a simple time-killer, to the puzzle-obsessed seeking great challenges.

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