President Trump The Way In Uganda

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

President Trump The Way In Uganda info

About This Game

2288, President Trump was sitting in the office of the White House and wondering how to raise the country’s GDP. He thought to take a money from “Naiobka”, but unexpectedly the director of the FBM(Federal Bureau of Memes) entered the office and said that he had found information about the ancient country. This ancient country called Uganda, in this Uganda on street you can findt BITCOINS and DRUGS. Trump decided not to lose the opportunity and went to the pursuit of treasure, but upon arrival in Uganda he met with strange aggressive beasts who wanted to kill him and shouted something in the incomprehensible language “DO YOU KNOW THE WAY?”. Trump decided to run away from them and collect all bitcoins and drugs.
You play for President Trump and you need to survive in a dangerous country of Uganda, collect all the bitcoins and drugs.
-You will be able to be President of the USA
-You will be able to visit the ancient country of Uganda
-You will be able to see incomprehensible aggressive animals
-Game genre: Platformer
-Simple and fun gameplay
-Good soundtrack
-Events of the game in an alternative reality and are based on how the game developer sees the future
-Budget of the game: 1 pack of cigarettes

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