Orbit: Satellite Defense

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Orbit: Satellite Defense info

About This Game

Protect your planet from alien invaders in this unique RTS experience

  • Reposition Satellites and Manually dictate their targets
  • Manage your Energy reserves to send Satellites into orbit or unleash Planetary Powers
  • Balance the Strengths of each unique Satellite against the weaknesses of aliens

Key Features

  • Campaign Mode: 4 Planets, 5 levels each!
  • Perfection is possible: Each Campaign level features a unique (non-random) sequence of aliens which assault your planet, and a unique set of available Satellites with which to fight them off. By learning the sequence in which enemies attack, it is possible to defend against enemies in an optimal manner.
  • Endless + Challenge Modes: Put your tactical satellite skills to the test! These modes auto-save after each wave you complete, so you never lose your progress.
  • Unique Satellites + Enemies: Every Satellite has it’s role, every enemy has its weakness. No single Satellite or enemy is just a stronger version of another; this is a game about strategy, not brute-force one-upmanship.
  • Dynamic Difficulty: The better you get at the game, the more the Spawner Systems will challenge you. Replaying Campaign levels will get more difficult the better you get at them.
  • Designed for Desktop: Optimized for Mouse/Keyboard; Orbit: Satellite Defense has shed it’s mobile past. Features Keyboard shortcuts for all on-screen buttons. Manual Targeting has been assigned to Right-Mouse button to eliminate the Satellite pop-up Menu, streamlining the overall gameplay experience.

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