Nice Way

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Nice Way is a fascinating puzzle game in which you have to pave the way for little balls from one point to another. But everything is not so easy as it may seem from the first sight: you have to take into account probable physics which acts on the balls, different obstacles, portals, accelerators and many other things. At the start of the level the timer will start, which is an indicator of successful passing, which will stop when minimum 10 balls achieve the endpoint.
The passing of each level is not bound up with only one scenario, or the way. The only condition of passing is achievement the endpoint by at least ten balls, after which the level will be passed. Best time of the adventures of each level is written, summarized and displayed in the main menu, so you could see its minimum time in the passage of all levels and opportunities to improve the figure.

-45 interesting levels
-A variety of obstacles
-Realistic physics
-Simple and nice graphics
-Friendly interface

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