MonsterS in haha Island (群妖志)

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

MonsterS in haha Island (群妖志) info

About This Game

version 1_2_0
Maybe it is a little difficult to clear all enemies.
You can press Q + W and P to heal actor’s HP now.
It will help you to go to the final screen.

To be immortal, The most important thing is to have a long life.Our hero wants to be immortal, so he came to this island to find the secret of longevity in frogs.

– you can get an traditional transverse action game.

– there are ten kinds of monsters waiting for you to defeat.

– the warrior, the frog, the ghost are your enemies. They each have powerful skills, and you need to deal with them carefully.

– 5 unique levels waiting for you to conquer.

– You need to go into the cave, tramp over mountains and through ravines, the enemies will unceasing to appear in front of you.

– An exciting fight will bring you a perfect day.

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