Megacity Builder

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

A city builder that has all the bells and whistles you know and love with one twist. In Megacity Builder you build a whole nation not just a city. Pass laws at the national level. Fiddle with the budgets at the city level. Build cities like in classic city builders while producing resources to feed your massive capital. Massive game world to keep you busy building for many hours.

1) A city builder where you build not just a city but a whole nation.
2) Procedurally generated maps.
3) Subways, disasters, plumbing, everything you’d expect in a city builder.
4) Research products to sell on the world market.
5) Produce everything from tomato soup to jumbo jets.
6) Build rural towns to produce resources.
7) Build factory complexes at the capital.
8) Enact laws and national programs.
9) 190,000 tiles to build on. A truly massive game world.
10) Diplomacy with other nations
11) Trade resources with your neighbours.
12) Sandbox game play, be a peaceful nation or build a military.
13) Generous money supply, keep building not waiting.

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