Labyronia Elements

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

The fully realized worlds of Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Spirit await you in a new adventure! Enter the five elemental planets!

You are one of the Dark Ones, a Light-hungering ghostly being dwelling in the world of Spirit. Your mission is to explore and conquer each one of the alien elemental worlds…

…and regain your long-lost Light.


The story itself is split into five different parts which end up intertwining. Every world has its own cast of characters, not counting the world of Spirit, with its shadowy, lone protagonist attempting to travel to the elemental worlds. The mission of the chosen Dark One was granted to him by a powerful sorceress known as Areatha, who has reigned 100 years in the world of Spirit. The Dark Ones view her as a goddess, protecting them from the evils of the world.

To restore the selected Dark One’s light and fuse the declining five worlds back into one again, Areatha needs five shards from the broken Pendant of Labyronia, scattered in all five worlds. The spiral pendant was forged by the old gods of Labyronia, and its power is immense. Legends tell that whoever conceives the structure of the Pendant, unites with a Higher Power, thus gaining true divinity.

At present, Areatha is busy. All her powers are required to protect the Dark Ones from the mysterious, fiery invaders. Suddenly appearing years ago, these “Blazing Units” began to eliminate the Dark Ones immediately upon their arrival with no explanation. In the current situation, the only one who can regain the Pendant Shards from the five elemental planets, is Areatha’s chosen servant. He must do it alone and transform his physical appearance when entering each world, for Dark ones are greatly feared by the humans, elves and dwarfs living outside the world of Spirit.

Do not worry, Dark One. I am able to contact you in spirit no matter where you are. I am with you every step of the way. You are always in my mind.

Key Features

  • About 20 playable characters.
  • Five huge and original worlds to explore. Themes and methods of progression vary depending on the world.
  • Gripping, multilayered story. A new player can expect 60-90 hours of diverse, epic adventuring.
  • 65 original songs in the superb elemental soundtrack.
  • Nonlinear progression- travel to the worlds of Water, Fire, Earth and Air in any order you want.
  • Restore the elements into the central world of Spirit, and seek new routes as you rebuild Labyronia.
  • Learn new skills and perks from equipment, and drain elemental magic from enemies.
  • Huge amounts of different elements to drain… and then utilize them in the strategic, turn-based battles.
  • Hunt Legendary Monsters such as Crodin and Abramelin for the best drainable elements!

Labyronia Elements is the Magnum Opus of the popular Labyronia saga, and one of the biggest games ever made with RM engine.

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