Hidden Object Adventure: Captain Nemo

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Hidden Object Adventure: Captain Nemo info

About This Game

A hidden objects game based on “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”, a famous novel by Jules Vernes.

It tells the story of the incredible journey of mysterious Captain Nemo and three friends, who have inadvertently found themselves on board his underwater vessel, the Nautilus.

Frigate Abraham Lincoln sets out to search for an undiscovered sea monster. The expedition, in which Pierre Aronnax, his loyal servant Conseil, and Canadian harpooner Ned Land take part, finds the monster and starts a chase. Unexpectedly, the monster turns out to be a unique underwater vessel. Professor Aronnax and his two companions are taken prisoner by the captain of the Nautilus named Nemo. Despite the fascinating beauty of the undersea realm, the three friends yearn to break free and return to normal life on dry land…

Key features:

  • Vibrant interiors of a character vessel, magical underwater views, and tropical islands.
  • Complex and diverse locations: experience regular landscapes alongside 360-degree panoramas and 3D views!
  • Diverse challenges: there is the classic hidden objects based on name or outlines, finding differences, and search for pairs of identical items.

Jules Verne was an author who always surprised the world. His stories are so realistic that, even today, readers are convinced that the journeys he described were real.
If you are looking for high-quality new hidden object games, then “ Captain Nemo “ is exactly what you need!

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