Gimbal Gravity

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Gimbal Gravity info

About This Game

You are on a space station designed for research in artificial gravity. But something goes wrong, and you are the only person, who can save the station.

Find your way through the testing chambers filled with a ubiquitous gravity bending field. Your sense of direction will be challenged in a way you’ve never experienced before. Try not to become dizzy from the constant change of gravity.


  • Floating platforms
  • Gravity turners
  • Gravity resetters
  • Use boxes to connect givers/receivers of power to open doors
  • 30 levels of increasing difficulty
  • A trapped scientist guiding you remotely via the communication system
  • Dizziness from the ever changing gravity

Items you will use to solve the puzzles

  • Floating platforms held in place by the artificial gravity. You are able to walk on these.
  • Gravity turners will change your personal direction of gravity when you walk across them.
  • Boxes can be picked up and moved to another location to help you overcome obstacles.
  • Boxes can also be used to connect power giver/receivers to open doors.
  • Resetters will allow you to reset your gravity to a previous state within a few seconds of walking across them.
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