Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Endlessness info

About This Game

This is a simple game with easy control.
You drive the Hovercraft.
When you collide with objects, the round of the game ends.
The energy reserve is constantly decreasing and when it runs out the round of the game ends.
You can accumulate energy by collecting energy spheres.

Keep the maximum speed to get bonus scores.
Use a hyper jump in a difficult situation, but remember, it’s using energy.
There are 3 types of infinitely generating maps: Lava, Winter, Desert.

Collect the maximum scores per round.
Compete against other players in the Global Leaderboard.

Endlessness is a simple game made by one person for a rest from big and complex games.
Please think about that before buying.

movement – AWSD or arrows
jump – Space

sorry for my English.

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