Dungeons Forever

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Dungeons Forever info

About This Game

Dungeons Forever is not just any old platforming puzzle game. It’s a possibly endless platforming puzzle game! The levels are created by you, me and everyone else!

Build levels using the editor and upload them online for the whole world to play! Every level has been created by the community and is downloaded at random, so every time you play you can expect a completely new set of levels!

And best of all, its free! No Ads, Micro-transactions or hidden costs, The only payment I ask for is you create some sweet levels and help hit that Forever goal!

A large variety of tiles and enemies to create levels from
A constantly changing variety of levels created by the community
Like, 30 hats you can find only in Loot Boxes! ( It’s just cosmetic! )

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