Duel Jousting

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Duel Jousting info

About This Game

First off: Duel Jousting was created with love, and all assets are custom.

• 5 Game Modes (Standard, Duel, Arena, Retro, CO-OP)

• Standard mode consists of maps with stages, many new maps unlock as you beat stages in any one map (50 stages)

• Arena Mode is survival with waves of enemies that get thrown at you repeatedly, and get harder each wave, major leveling up and money is to be won here (you can unlock more Arena maps as well)

• Retro Mode is a fun and simple 16-Bit Mode (Powerups disabled, class system replaces it)

• CO-OP allows you to play with your Friends in almost every game mode except “Duel Mode”

• Duel Mode is a special mode with special rules: Each time you enter and are a different level you will be matched with an enemy at your level. Duel mode can only be done once per level since rewards are so high.

• In Game money shop where you can buy power-ups, weapons and armor, and many other goods.

• Level up with RPG stats and make your character powerful. (Level cap is 20 right now)

• Over a dozen Power-ups that randomly drop from the sky and help you win the battle.

• Customize your Jouster in the character customizer, change your dragons skin, suit up armor, etc.

• Achievements unlock in game rewards.

• Xbox controller support (FULL)

• New content is added with updates

As you play any game mode, destroying enemies will give experience points, then you will level up and become faster on ground, air, and have an increased attack and defense (FULL RPG STAT SYSTEM, *refer to screenshots)

Customizing your dragon is fun, and makes you look amazing. But it’s not all about looks, the armor gives defense boosts. Currently there is a 4 tier armor system.

The shop is fully setup with tons of items to help you on your way, and is expandable, most importantly it is NOT A REAL CASH SHOP.

Over a dozen powerups randomly drop from the sky that aid the player in battle. Each time you play any stage or powerup supporting game mode, you never know when or where they will drop.

20+ achievements available

Every green egg is worth 2000 points, which adds to your High Score of that particular map, reaching a certain High Score in any map will unlock rewards, but it is not the only way to unlock many things.

After 5000 points you get+1 life after 10,000 points gained you get +1 life again (this is to help in higher stages and end game content)

“The Hunter” a special AI enemy appears randomly from the green eggs if you do not get them in time, they will chase you down, but killing them yields reward

Once you get reduced to 1 life, your dragon loses its jouster, but your dragon can still bite the enemies

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