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Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Welcome to the backstage!
Cryptocracy is a game that can make you sit up and take a notice about how our modern society is organized and who really runs it.
If you have no problem with imagination, the game can show you who is behind the curtain…
Of course, you will need help to understand it​ all, so here comes one former zillionaire and power broker, who was nicely set up by his colleagues. Together you will manipulate people and look forward to tons of money and influence!

A gameplay is based on 2 different classic match mechanics – one you need to gain power and money, the other one is to confront protesters (nobody said that to rule the world is easy).

– the unique twist on Match-3 puzzle
– 20 cool animated characters
– brain-challenging story mode
– endless mode to compete with other players
– hero customization

For now, you have 6 cities – to get each one, at first, you need to take control over resources and then​ handle with discontented people.

In nearest future, we plan to make more levels with new heroes!

p.m. Cryptocracy – a form of government, where the real leaders are hidden, or merely unknown…

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