Cross of Auria

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Cross of Auria is set in a world where the memories of all the inhabitants were wiped out by a plague known as the scourge. This plague throws our hero Ruby’s consciousness into a realm between worlds known as the Veil, forever establishing her ties to that land and ability to cross into it. Now, a girl who would have led a normal life is given the gift of lightning – the reason for which she must uncover.

This Release

  • Chapter 1-1, “The Scourge – Awoken” – The story begins with Ruby arriving in the Veil in what she believes to be a dream and continues through her exploration of this mysterious world between worlds back into her own land. With the help of her brother, she learns of a power that he already knew. This draws the attention of those seeking to use the power for their own purposes.


  • A new story crafted with the intent to create the next long lasting comic book style universe.
  • A story that starts in the first few days of the world’s memory.
  • Optional side-quests and bosses.
  • A bounty/hunt system.
  • An arena where the party can revisit previous dungeons at higher levels for better rewards.
  • Achievement Support

Future Additions

  • FREE of charge!
  • Continue the story through the realm of Revan and beyond!


  • The story of Cross of Auria is told in chapters. With the purchase of the base game, updates will come free of charge over time as they are developed!
  • Current: Chapter 1-1, “The Scourge – Awoken”

Other Important Information

  • You may notice the basic nature of all the game’s Steam related icons and images. That is because I am not an artist. If you’re interested in making art for CoA, please contact me @Hardytier on Twitter!
  • Achievement support currently exclusive to Windows.
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