Critical Mess

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Critical Mess puts you in the role of a newly minted waste management employee. Your main tool is the shovel, which you’ll use to gather garbage into a designated hole. Buy power-ups using your meager wages to help get the job done. Be quick before the mess-o-meter (a metric that measures the level of messiness in the room) reaches a full 100%. Your continued employment is on the line!

Critical Mess Gives You:

  • Unique waste disposal gameplay
  • Zany power-ups
  • Fully simulated physics
  • Dozens of waste items
  • A variety of different room layouts
  • The perfect experience to fill a few moments in between life’s demands as you try to beat your best time

Critical Mess Doesn’t Give You:

  • Story with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Online co-op

DK VIP Lounge is a one man shop. As such, this is not a huge game bursting at the seams with content. Critical Mess is a simple, endless game where you chase your best time. The aim is to provide players with short bursts of frantic gameplay as they try to keep up with the onslaught of garbage. All for the price of an energy drink. Hope you have fun, thanks.

-Daniel Kim, DK VIP Lounge

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