Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919 info

About This Game

The Great War has ended, but Europe is still being shaken by political turmoil. Empires fall, socialist movements rise, new national states emerge on the ruins of old world.

In the very end of the year 1918 army of Soviet Russia attempts an offensive towards west. Their goal is to spark a communist uprising, that will start from eastern Germany and eventually consume entire Europe.

Relive events of the year 1919 and fight through enemy cards in six historical scenarios spanning from December 1918 to January 1920.


I have developed Comrades and Barons: Solitaire of Bloody 1919 as my first game. With the exception of music, I have made every aspect of it, including art.

This game is made on GameMaker: Studio 1.4. If you find any bugs in the game, feel free to report them to me.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you find my game entertaining and challenging.


  • Lesser known historical theme
  • Hand drawn graphics
  • English, Russian and Latvian translation
  • Easy to learn solitaire card game
  • 200 solitaire table configurations
  • Pure solitaire gameplay without additional puzzles
  • Army units with game-changing abilities
  • Fully playable with a mouse
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