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Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

Climbtime info

About This Game

Game supports gamepad and VR Vive controllers.

Game goals/modes
The game currently has 4 modes

  • Climb
    time-attack – reach the highest block(the one with a blue spinning cube over it same as the one at the base) as quickly as possible.
  • Glide
    score-attack – score more points by flying faster/closer to rocks on glide down without crashing. When close to level bottom ’round over’ will display. First 3 levels keep steam leaderboard scores.
  • Crystal Hunt
    Find and collect(using the crystal shot) all 10 hidden crystals in the tower. The crystals are small blue cubes and create a sound which grows louder as you get nearer.
  • Explore
    Glide or long-distance teleport over the terrain and enjoy the views which are modeled on the below real-world mountain and canyon terrains. More content to find in this mode coming.
    • Great Smoky Mountains, USA
    • Castle Valley, Utah, USA
    • Yosemite, USA
    • Grand Canyon, USA

See in-game pause menu(start button, F1 or Vive controller menu) for settings, Controls, Game modes and additional notes.

Note that game engine graphics and input config options can be accessed by holding down shift or alt or ctrl key while starting the game.

If using the Oculus Rift and the game fails to load, let me know and I will try to publish a separate branch download oculus rift specific version.

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