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Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

This Is A Simple But Not Simple Game

It’s a 2D action game.

[Game introduction]
You will start from the weakest form, and evolve through predation and competition in a difficult environment. You will encounter more powerful enemies than you on the way of evolution. They are faster, bigger and stronger than you. What you can do is to defeat your opponent with wisdom, and defeat the most powerful enemy with the simplest operation. Your strength may be very weak, but your wisdom makes you powerful.

  • You must constantly eat everything that is weaker than you, and you must constantly beat the enemy that is in front of you. In order to live, continue to evolve, no matter how strong the other is, just becomes stronger.
  • No complex operation, only running and jumping; no dazzling items, only simple and pure gaming experience.
  • Without entanglement of complex game settings, we have set everything, automatically archive, default full screen, basically do not worry about equipment running, you just need to experience the game.

[Game features]

  • An abstract and unique style of painting
  • A tight and smooth operation experience
  • There is no a large number of achievements, but every achievement is the embodiment of your operation(only 4 achievements)
  • Although it looks like a simple puzzle game, don’t believe your first impression(Yes! It’s very challenging)
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