Bad Government

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Buy this product and instantly get access to the decision-making handheld device of the president of a far away land in a far away, alternative universe (any correlations with the universe, you bought the game in, are a mere product of your imagination). With access to this device, get ready to make decisions in the president’s place.

But be careful with the device, since your decisions can have consequences! You always have to balance the favor of the people and the elites likewise.
You also have to balance your budget, your debt, your gold and more.
But the most important thing you have to do, is to gain that sweet, sweet power.
All kind of individuals will come to you with their special interest.
Ministers, activists, lobbyists, your neighbors, the deep state, contract killers and even gold-loving aliens.
But at the end of the day you make the decisions. Most of the time at least.

About the game:
This is a decision based resource management game.
Balance your resources and be aware of the sentiment in the population.
Get more and more power to unlock more individuals, making it more and more complex as you play. Just like in the real alternative life.

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