Armada Skies

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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Armada Skies

Buy weapons and ship upgrades. Fly through the skies, collect powerups and gun down wave after wave of enemies. Today, you own the skies!

Controls keys are changeable in the option menu (click on the top right gear button)

Shop and Upgrade:
You start with your ship “Nineshot” and Gattling Gun as your primary weapon.

4 differents ships: Nineshot is available at the beggining then you can build Air Assey, Falkon, Nemesis

For each ships you can buy plane part: Chassis, Wings and Thrusters

-Primary weapons: Gattling Gun, Plasma, Lasers

-Many Secondary weapons to unlock!
Electrifier, Slicer, Beamer, Gauss, Back Blaster, Flamer, Heavy Cannon, Orbiter, Laser Blast, Rockets, Shockwave Mine, Pulse projectile..

After collecting cash pods, you can purchase upgrades and weapons in the shop, before each stage.

The game autosaves after you win a stage.

Lot of Items to collect to upgrade your ships! (Cash Pod, Shield, Jackpot, A-Bomb, Power Up, Invincibility, Extra life, etc..)


It is the aftermath of World War 3. All countries used up almost every bit of their military resources for the unprofiting purpose of war. An unknown alien race has decided to invade and conquer Earth at this dire time. Fleets of alien squadrons are spotted in Earth’s atmosphere. Now there is only one last insane resort – the most advanced jet fighter called the Armada 165. You are the only pilot capable of piloting it to fight the incoming alien invaders. The fate of Earth is in your hands.

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