Ancient Future

Release date: TBD
Platform(s): Spy Keys: No

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About This Game

Try the 2D shooter as you’ve never seen it before, and battle your friends in a pixelated cyberpunk universe. Players duel using skill and strategy, choosing customizable loadouts to battle in a variety of arenas, ranging from abandoned apartments to towers among the clouds. Challenge your friends, play online, or sharpen your skills with singleplayer tutorials and challenges. The game is accessible and easy to learn, but takes skill and practice to master. So grab a friend, and get ready to enter Ancient Future.

Playing Ancient Future, you will:

  • Engage in fast-paced local and online multiplayer action
  • Mix and match characters and items to find your perfect playstyle from 290+ combinations
  • Be the last one standing in Survivor Mode, outlast your opponents in Lives Mode, or avoid capture while playing Steal The Data
  • Adapt your strategy for each new arena: different environments favor different playstyles!
  • Hone your skill with singleplayer tutorials and challenge mode


Ancient Future was built by Steve, a high school teacher, with the help of his students over the course of a school year. The project was motivated by a desire to unlock young gamers’ creativity, and to inspire them to work and learn together to create something great. This game is the result.

It is a new game, so the online community is still small – for now, the game is best enjoyed by grabbing a copy, inviting over a couple of friends (and their controllers) and battling it out on the same screen. It has entertained us like this for hundreds of hours (we probably play at least thirty rounds a week!), and we know you will enjoy it too. We are proud of this game and what it represents: that with determination, teamwork, and the right guidance, young game designers’ visions can really become reality.

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