Indie Games Are Too Hard!!

Because they are relatively inexpensive to make- thus allowing the game makers to take more chances- indie games often have the coolest looks, most unique settings, and most original characters on the market. These indie games are showered with love by the developers who make these titles, handcrafting the experience with a passion and attention to detail that- often times- is missing from full featured console titles.

So then- after putting all of that love, all of that passion, all of that craft into their indie game- why in the world do game devs make their indie games SO. DAMN. HARD!!!?!?

What is up with indie games seeming to pride themselves on being so punishing that only the most hard core gamers will have the ability to see the majority of the developer’s work?!?

But then again, it may just be me…cause the chat (mostly) having none of my bullshit! πŸ™‚

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