I Still Play Your Indie Games!… #009

In this video I feature and review the indie game “Aldarix the Battlemage”. I try to give feedback on the game design in order to help you to make better games.

Play the Game: https://nikodemusp.itch.io/aldarix
Developer Twitter: https://twitter.com/AldarixB

If you want to get a review for your game or if you want your indie game to get featured on this channel, shoot me a mail at JonasPlaysYourGame(t)gmail.com. Please include a short pitch, some game design questions and an image.

I’d love to help you on your journey to becoming a better game developer. I’m not an expert, but I hope my feedback for your games will still help you out a bit. I love to feature your games, but unfortunately there are already a lot of submissions. Unfortunately that means I can’t play all of your games anymore. Please keep that in mind.

In these videos I try to do a rough game design analysis and show your game off to my audience. Hope it’s somewhat useful. 🙂

In this video we talk about the balancing of the spells, the level progression in the campaign, the combat system, enemies and more. I recommend you try the game out. It’s quite enjoyable to play.

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