God of War DLC? Gaming Marathons, Gaming Crimes + MORE! | Pretty Good Gaming Podcast #62

This is Episode #62 of the Pretty Good Gaming Podcast! It goes live early to Patreon Supporters on Thursday, before releasing to everyone the following Monday. This week we discuss some major gaming crimes, like skipping cut-scenes or sprinting everywhere without taking in the scenery. Someone spent AGES texturing that stuff you barbarian. Also, will we see God of War DLC? Our longest gaming marathons, a whole new Podcast segment and loads more!

Host: Mike Williams
With Jake Kulkowski and Liam McKelvey
Edited by Mike Abbott

00:46 Gaming Crimes!
08:00 Will God of War have a DLC?
11:05 Longest non-stop game playing session
17:54 Greatest length of time spent on a game without finishing it
22:20 Steam platform rules
25:34 Microsoft console exclusives
32:20 AAA v Indie
40:40 Universally hated games that you love
46:15 Fact of the Week
46:50 New ’30 Second’ feature – viewer/listener title poll/vote. To cast your vote send us an email at [email protected]
51:14 Best video game Dwarf?!
56:45 Aesthetic mismatches in games
59:20 Learning to use mouse + keyboard on pc games
01:04:40 Branded gaming hardware – overpriced?
01:07:20 Hyped games that don’t quite live up to the hype
01:11:22 IPs that haven’t been adapted for video games – but should!

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