GLITCH | Original Indie Game TRAILER



What will it be on?
The game will be released on STEAM.

Will it be free?
Part 1 will yes. The game is split into parts and part 1 will be free. This is used to determine if you like the game before you buy the other parts.

When is it coming out?
The game is set to release WEDNESDAY, June 20th 2018.

Does it work on a Mac?
I am intending that the game will. The game is made using the Unity Engine so I should be able to get it on macs.

From the current beta tests, if the game is run on a device that isn’t very powerful, it tends to lag. I will try my hardest to get the game working on all computers.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
Royalty Free Music by (for videos that make use of music tracks)
Sound Effects by (for videos that make use of sound effects)

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