Forgiveness Demo | Indie Puzzle Game | PC Gameplay Walkthrough

A very short demo for an escape-the-room puzzle game based on the 7 deadly sins. Might be good?

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Forgiveness Is An Escape Room Puzzle Game Affected By A Personality Test, A unique psychological-horror puzzle game inspired by the seven deadly sins.
After committing a terrible sin “God” is testing your worth on his world and putting you to the test.
When first playing the game you’ll be taking a personality test to determine your sin.
You wake up in an empty room taken by Dr. Benjamin Smith, or as he likes to call himself “God”.
Inside each and every room you will find extremely challenging puzzles that will test your abilities.
every sin has his own unique puzzles and room design to fit the player.

The only question left is will you get your punishment or forgiveness?

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