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Factory Town Gameplay with Hex! Factory Town is a simulation game in which you automate a factory town in order to make it extremely efficient. This is an Alpha version of factory town, a very early first look at the game and first impressions. This Preview gameplay showcases the basic mechanics in place, however, everything is subject to change.

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About Factory Town:

Build, Expand, Automate, and Optimize your own fantasy village in the wilderness using marble-run chutes, railways, running water, magic currents, and conveyor belts.
Starting with just a few workers, gather the necessary resources and build a wide variety of production buildings to supply your town with valuable goods. Research new technologies that will allow you to dramatically improve the efficiency of your harvesting and delivery supply chains. Use clever planning and management to grow your town from a quaint outpost to a bustling production colony.

Factory Town is an indie game that is being developed in 2018, this is one the most charming indie games of 2018 along with games like one hour one life, obviously there are many other indie games out there but this one caught my attention. As many other simulation games and simulation indie games for PC, this game focuses on performance. Automate as much as possible and improve efficiencies.

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